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Ameri-Pride Fence Co.’s enclosures are made to be durable, efficient, and stylish. We put great effort into all of our services, and ensure that each and every enclosure we install is up to par and fits to the specifications of your needs exactly. Enclosures can be customized to each customer’s individual needs, so if you’re looking for an efficient enclosure for things like garbage cans, pool equipment, or other purposes, count on Ameri-Pride to get the job done right the first time!

We offer a great deal of options, as well as top of the line enclosure and other fencing products for any residential, commercial, or industrial property. Our experienced professionals have the expertise you can rely on for detailed, efficient installations and other services, so call us today at 724-836-1635 for the best fences and enclosures in Pennsylvania!

Functional & Stylish Containment or Storage Enclosures


Containment, storage, or simply a spruce to your yard or property are just a few reasons to invest in an enclosure. Ameri-Pride enclosures are durable, efficient, and stylish, so you can never go wrong with one of our high quality fencing products. Our enclosures are perfect for electrical equipment, pets, and many other functional purposes. We use only the best products and ensure expert professional installation and maintenance services for every enclosure.

Fences and Enclosures

The satisfaction of our customers is our first priority, and as experienced leaders in the fencing industry, we guarantee the best products and services in Westmoreland County! If you are looking for beautiful and functional enclosures and other fencing, Ameri-Pride Fence Co. is the ideal choice for you. Our residential, commercial, and industrial products and services are the area’s top quality when it comes to fencing, so contact us at your earliest convenience for any enclosure, gate, railing, or fencing need!